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DSpace is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization's legacy; they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication. EIAR will put its institutional publications in DSpace for the public to use them freely.

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    These proceedings bring together findings of a research project on natural resource management carried out under the auspices of Forum fo r Social Studies by researchers affiliated with the Universities of Sussex, ...
  • Eshete, Dagnew; G/Hiwot, Alemayehu; Abebe, Eshetu; Woldeyes, Mulu; Assefa, Tarekegn (International Development Consulting Firm (IDCoF), 2002)
    Ethiopia is predominantly an agrarian country, with crop and livestock production being the major source of the livelihood of the population, foreign exchange earnings and GDP. The agricultural sector, therefore, forms ...
  • Kelbessa, Ensermu; Girma, Abenet (Forum for Environment (FfE), 2011)
    Ethiopia is a country of great geographical diversity. Altitudes range from the lowest at the Afar Depression to the highest peak at Ras Dejen. The climate ranges from equatorial desert to hot and cool steppe, and from ...
  • Nune, Sisay(ed); Mekonnen, Alemu (ed); Randall, Bluffstone (ed) (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ethiopia, 2008)
    It is a pleasure to be given this opportunity to make a key note speech at this important workshop on “Policies to Increase Forest Cover in Ethiopia”. It is important at least for two reasons. One is that it addresses a ...
  • Tesemma Bekele, Azene (Swedish International Development Authority, 1993)
    The tree cover in Ethiopia dwindles further every year. The major reason for this resource shrinkage is the increasingly intensive use of land for agricultural and livestock production, but tree cutting for fuelwood and ...

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